Vandkvaliteten i danske dentalunits med og uden kimanlæg

Oversigtsartikel Dato: 09.12.2008

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Treatment of masseteric hypertrophy with botulinum toxin. A survey and a case report: Masseteric hypertrophy is a relatively uncommon condition which is characterized by unilateral or bilateral en largement of the masseter muscles. The etiology as well as the pathogenesis is unknown. However, the condition is frequently seen following clenching, bruxism, and constant gum chewing. Masseteric hypertrophy usually occurs in the second and third decades of life, and is not gender- specific. Patients with masseteric hypertrophy and cosmetic disfigurement have traditionally been managed surgically with significant morbidity. A case of an 18–year-old man with unilateral masseteric hypertrophy, treated by botulinum toxin is presented.